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Solutions for Insurance

The insurance industry handles sensitive information on a daily basis. Our years of experience working within this industry gives us insight into the precise, sensitive and important documentation use and how important it is that it be protected..

We provide our industry partners with the best quality uv printing, customized screens, micro lines, embedded special paper fibers such as cheques, certificates, cover notes, renewal notices, receipts, letterheads, envelopes, business, full colour promotional prints brochures, flyers, signage. Promotional print props using foam boards and copy paper. 

Our print and Paper Solutions see us offering: 

  • Full back-end print & paper solutions for the insurance industry
  • Multipart or single part business forms or cheques for laser printing whether continuous fed printers or as books or loose sets or as machine rolls.
  • Several layers of print security inline with your needs ,as well as specially encoded MICR for machine processing.
  • High quality precision, full colour and cost effective prints of promotional material including COVID protocol displays in branches.
  • Several  blank rolls and continuous paper in a variety of popular sizes.
  • Premium copy paper that feeds freely with all brand copiers or printers 
  • Quick delivery for stock items and copy paper within islandwide *conditions apply. 

What our solutions look like 

Form Machines

Allow us to create a hassle-free back office paper/print routine for your company. Through strategic partnerships with trusted brands such as Formax and TROY we here at Xsomo are able to provide the best form handing machines, as well as print software. These solutions are in the form of shredders, pressure sealers, cheque signing solutions and cheque printers for ease of back office management. We also specialize in printing supplementary information in black or full colour on reverse panels. This provides a more environmentally friendly and efficient way of reaching your customers as it eliminates the use of envelopes. We understand the emphasis on security especially when it comes to confidential mail, for that we suggest pressure sealing.

Print-to-post and Mailers

The preparation of insurance documents needs to be meticulous and that is not lost on us. We can help you maintain a hassle free connection with customers through either print or electronic mail. We manage millions of printed mail pieces for several clients each year and deliver to post/bearers every day. Let us provide print solutions for you by creating print and mail notices, statements, letters to customers through Service Level Agreements( SLA’s) as well as full back-office support of confidential information while meeting sensitive deadlines.

Print And Mail Notices/Statements/Letters To Their Customers Through Sla's - Full Back-office Support Confidential And Meet Time Sensitive Deadlines
We allow you time and resources to focus on managing your core aspects of your Insurance business while we do the tedious none core preparing for mail and distribution for you. 

Technology Solutions

Efficiency is key when dealing with Insurance systems and customers. Our highly trained technical team can assist you in setting the correct solutions in place for: 
Digitizing documents, content management through automated workflows which can assist in customer onboarding , application processing and renewal notifications. Case management is also an area we are experienced in along with increasing customer service capabilities through Help Desk powered by Hyland Insurance solutions and virtual servers along with  Outlay Solutions.