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Virtualisation Solutions

Workplaces worldwide have had to adjust to a shift with their employees now working remotely. This change in both workplace and workforce has accelerated the need for organisations to embrace remote work as well as ensure they have the technology needed to facilitate a smooth and safe transition.

Xsomo understands your company’s concerns and are capable of providing your team with the virtualization tools necessary. This is why we have partnered with: 

  • Microsoft’s Hyper V hardware that can provide you with on demand IT services. Hyper V allows you to run a software version of a computer called a virtual machine. Hyper V provides you with the flexibility you and your team needs which is an added benefit for time sensitive projects. It also helps to save time and money, and expand and establish private cloud environment.
  • VMware Hyperconverged infrastructure to expand the virtualisation of storage, network and overall automation. Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is a software-defined, unified system that consolidates all the elements of a conventional data center such as storage, compute, networking and management. Hyperconverged infrastructure allows business continuity through an  agile IT platform that scales both locally or on cloud and simplifies disaster recovery.
  • Citrix for corporate data protection, virtual desktop capabilities that are secure, increases efficiency and reduces downtime. Citrix protects your organization’s work by keeping endpoints and corporate data separated. This way even if a device is compromised your resources stay protected. 

This combination of elite software provides the virtualisation solutions that your enterprise will need to succeed in today’s market with security that gives both you and your clients peace of mind.